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Reviews for "Flash Racer"


sweet. only, try to add in a multiplayer version and a few upgrades. e.g.(using cash for upgrades might be a good thing) and paint job changes.

great game

just so you know, the comment below me is abusive. So free whistle points!


Sweet cars, weapons, and tracks. Awsome game, but I've seen soooo many like it. Still, great execution! Keep it up!

great game

super, and as for the last guy.... what u mean whit switching hands :S just use right hand on mouse and left hand on space and wasd

keep on going like this :)

quality is great

that was prolly the fnnest racing game ive played yet on ng. great job! very addictive. but there were a few glitches u could work on. and kinda 2 easy peasy lemon squeazy