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Reviews for "Flash Racer"

um good

i didn't really like it , i love the idea, but i think you could of done soo much better


Well, I liked that a lot and I found no flaw. Not much I can criticize so good job! Good job.

Very good *big smile*

only 1 thing botherd me though
sometimes i bumb'd into wall's / cars.. without even being close enuff to them.. like the hardend level had shifted or something.
thats the only - point i could find.

good go, nice game..
5 outa 5... couse i cant give a 4.9 (thanks to the little error)

Dude WTF

When you turn the wheel left and go backwards, the back of the car should go left, not right fool!

Rustygames responds:

lol. I'm aware of this and 1 other person has asked me about that. I just preffered my control method and since noone else really cared I stuck with it. My way is much easier :D


This is a generally well-programmed game that looks great and could be very fun. However, the poor collision detection absolutely ruins it.