Reviews for "Sex Kitten - Maids"

-.- fkin autor

this is bad man this is violation -. - that is illegal


It is kind of sad how you do not seem to be submitting things anymore, but at least you left us with great games such as this. I think this may have the best music of any of your dating sims. I am now starting to notice Slutty McSlut's little vampire tooth. Some parts were really funny, especially with how you were called a gay faggot despite the fact that you won the round. I admit these are interesting questions to answer and I have always been interested in those sorts of things. Until next time, see ya!

lol cheats

epic game
if anyone is stuck on a question right click and click forward it gets u porn :3

i love this gam

if u play this go to shop and then pole thats hot

lol great game i've played it before though

does chobits actually have sex in it ??? becuase if it does then im going to watch it....lol XD