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Reviews for "Wizard of Oz"

fuck you batman


Wow, I didn't see that coming. Though point of fact, the strawman shouldn't be bleeding, but it works for emphasizing the overarching premise of one of my sweet and innocent movies of childhood being horribly raped in front of me I suppose. I guess it isn't that out of left field, I've seen this sort of joke a few times before.

....Who best to show up to beat up the lion and the tin man though, Dr. Who maybe? The last episode before it ended in the 80s, he battled against furries, though they were cheetahs, not lions, and he's certainly fought plenty of robots. Though that's certainly not unique to Dr. Who the way the scarecrow is with batman, lots of things have fought lots of robots, Batman included. I wouldn't want to make a crossover reference to the Jesus lion from Narnia, but not a lot of lions really come to mind to work with.

I get it. Its a reference to the first bad guy in the Dark Knight series. Woulda been funnier if I was a Dark Knight fanboy, but I'm not.

why!?...why batman?