Reviews for "Vegetables"


This is a great flash, well timed with the music, hilarious song. Keep up the great work man.

sweet vegies

liked the sound the best, you did a real good job on that. wasn't to funny, but it was still a good little bit worth watching! gunna watch your fruit one now.

koit responds:

I like sound design, so am glad you picked up on that part. Most people skim over that, yet sound is SO important.

Hey, Koit!

I wanna hang out with ur veggies, they seem to have so much more fun! The veggies I know just sit around diddling themselves and drooling in their laps! A pleasure to see u here again 8-)

koit responds:

Hello there.

They do have fun when they're with their kind. However, when they mix with human folk, they gloss over all evil like.

Trust me.


It was like looking at a commerical for vegtables exept this was entertaning.


It was just a silly and fun movie. It obviously took a lot of work, and the music was really well written, for a song about vegetables. Kind of reminded me of the Wiggles for some reason. Keep up the good work.

koit responds:


Took about 3 weeks to get it all together. Off and on for the first 2 weeks, but this week was pretty much full on.