Reviews for "Vegetables"

Original, Entertaining

Kudos on a catchy, original song, and better than average style too. This video didn't have amazing animation, but you definitely enhanced the humor of the song with your dancing veggies. This is better than most flash, and although it might not be front-page worthy, it still made me laugh. I'll be humming this for a while.

I'm craving carrots...

Why can't people make Flashes as great as this one? If this cute Flash doesn't cause people to eat vegetables, nothing will! I mean, the song is catchy, the artwork is crisp and the animation is clean...and besides, one veggie is using potatoes as bongos and some others are riding on jetskis! How can you top those?
I did notice a few little blurbs concerning the names of the vegetables, but I think it is because this Flash isn't from the US (this is a British Flash, right?). In America, a "broad bean" is a lima bean, a "swede" is a turnip, and a "runner bean" is a green bean. I also noticed a different pronounciation of "vitamin", but I didn't get the vitamin A thing until I read your comments. These blurbs are not detrimental to the Flash itself; I am a nitpick and little things get to me.
Anyways, this is a great Flash and it definitely deserves a 5...it should be on the NG homepage, it's that good. Now I'm going to eat some corn myself, for now that "Vegetables" song is stuck in my head...Veg!

koit responds:

Thanks for the faourable review.

Yes, it's across-the-pond-ness.

You say Vye-tamin, we say vitt-amin.

The vitamin descriptions are all ok if you are English, like me. And in respect to the vitamin C thing with the carrot.........Carrots contain mainly vitamin A but for the purposes of the song, only vitamin C would do an adequate rhyme, so artistic licence muchly.

Anyway, thanks for your positive comments, much appreciated. Now where's that front page button !?!

Pretty funny!

I've actually got the song stuck in my head now.. VEG!

I love your style. Well done, dude.

koit responds:


I do my best to make catchy songs (some call them annoying) woooooooo


absolutely wonderful. to my delight, this song is catchy and the video flaunts that tune with perfect synchronized graphics and dancing characters. Wonderful facial expressions. I cannot stop watching this. Wonderful work!!

koit responds:

Cheers matey

Much appreciated

I'm loving it!

What a creative use of Flash, using a combination of vector graphics with actual pictures. A great video to a great song. Vegetables!

koit responds:


If you like this, then check out my other flashes, a lot of them are graphic/vector combos.