Reviews for "Vegetables"


hahaha thats great, loved it as much as the meat one LOL

very nice work

haha funny :P

Oh my gosh


How do you do it man?

You animate, write and record music. Plus you're clearly a genius.


omfg so catschy!

i can't stop hearing veg in my head it's hard to fight the urgess the sing it myself

i believe with fredtheweasel1

the paes are loking to killing mE!!!! danger!! peas and brocolli are dangerous!!! aghhh!! is a conspiration!!!!!!!!!!! aHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*cahamm* i loved the music!!

I KNEW it!

I told them that the brocolli was conspiring against me, but did they believe? No, no, "you're crazy" they said, well, this time I have PROOF! MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!


Very nice, original, and generally insane. *twitch*