Reviews for "CRAPPY FLASH MOVIE!!!!!!"


definately a keeper.


The animation is gorgeous--seriously, some of the best I've seen on NG. The art style wasn't that great, simple line drawings, but they moved beautifully. Very fluid and clean.

It's a huge shame that the subject matter is sick. Really, truly demented. Warped.

A guy drives to a hospital, crashes into the lobby, and begins slaying people at random. I loved the animation and I hated what it portrayed.

Other viewers, I don't recommend it except as an example of nicely animated flash. I wish I could. I wish it had something else that was redeeming.

I liked it....

Neat animation and a good choice of music. Good job.


one thing: you need COLOR!!!!

needs replay buton

it need replay but i liked it =) whats the song?