Reviews for "CRAPPY FLASH MOVIE!!!!!!"

needs replay buton

it need replay but i liked it =) whats the song?


The whole flash had that scribbly look. Which I don't mind - actually the effect's kinda cool. But the blood seemed sort of appearless; I could only tell when one of them was bleeding by hearing the spattery sounds. I think the concepts good - he just crashes into a hospital and pretty much kills everyone. The ending was amusing as hell (I'm not gonna spoil it though). The song went with the flash, but I think I'm just sick of that song 'cause I hear it in just about everything I watch or play nowadays. The graphics were well drawn, and the lack of color did make it more authentic. I just think the only thing that would've been good to change/add is too make the blood red and make it a bit longer. I wanted to see more! Good job though. =)

Vote = 4/5
Rating = 7/10

preaty damn good

the musi did not fit but that made for good irony and it helped show he took joy in wut he was doing if you had


4/5 8/10 this movie need color .................. the blood is black.


9/10 5/5
loved it, sensless violence, and plus the song, is that a benny hill song?