Reviews for "Drawn Dream 1"


All thumbs up!!


You did an awesome job on this. I hope to see more from you!

W???? T????? F?????

this is total awesomeness looks like something from one o' them adult swim shows.
Graphics: Mostly hand-drawn?!?!?! come on man can you get any awesomer?
Style:Weird and yet kinda funny yet creepy=sweet
sound: no music but the other strange sounds were pretty cool (you might wanna check with the sound guys from salad fingers)
Violence: an evil thing with a bloody brain in his mouth? a screwdriver to the head?
interactivity: A Play button and a replay one you must be CRAZY!-awesomazing
Humor: well it got pretty funny towards the end there you have to admit. YOU ARE |20X0R|\/|4Z1|\|G!! 1337 (editors note: yes the writer did make-up words that had to do with the word "Amazing")
Space( ) Colon(:) Dash(-) Close Paranthesis())= :-) Talkin about my iGeneration!.


RIP TIM JEWELL - Knowing that this was one of the first series that got me into cartoons, and even though this series was done before he passed, I'll miss it. Rest in peace.

its VINCENT PRICE people der.