Reviews for "Drawn Dream 1"

Keep trying

I like your drawng style and if you can stick to that in your next few toons, I think they would be really cool to watch, but dude, you need to have some kind of structure in your movies, and there was none what so ever in this one. Kepp trying man.

nice drawings, but terrible style

it might be good to stick with drawings. i dunno if making animation is good for u. the video didn't really make any sense and it wasn't even funny.


Its very crap, please don't make anymore...

Why Oh Why Is This On The Front Page?!?

Even if you were going for the surreal touch this submission is totally lacking in every way (in my opinion of course). Style changed far too much in a very short space of time. The sound was well worked i guess - clear and put together well enough but that was as good as it got. no way should this piece be deserving of front page status though.You say there are more in the series?well after watching this i really dont want to bother finding them.


the first part was,....err..surreal. but i dont see how this got onto the front page