Reviews for "Drawn Dream 1"

Abe's Oddessy on crack...

I think the subject sums it up. Someone needs to check that crap out. That was just FREAKY!

I swear, you gotta work on the next Silent Hill or Abe's Oddessy game. You'd either freak people out so bad they couldn't get to sleep, or you'd make people wonder "wtf" all the way through the game XD

oh my god

uhh i watched it multiple times to try and figure it out and i think thats why you got a 5/10 from me......uhhh(shivers)uhhh....what in da world were those things (more shivers)...............5

the begining was cool....

it was sweet before the screwdriver guy came in. that kinda sucked.

um no?

you said it was dark and creepy?

i didnt see one dark/creepy type of scene anywhere

then the immature "joke" about him having a learning disability from a skrew driver?


i dont think the rest of the episodes are realy worth looking into after looking at this.


that was awesome