Reviews for "Drawn Dream 1"

WTF? this doesent desearve the front page.

Ive been on Newgrounds for a long time to know good animation. But yours is just easy to imitate, i mean all i have to do is cut and paste little photos THIS IS PATHETIC TOM take this off the frontpage. THIS IS BLAM material.

fckin great man

i loved/saw the rest o' yer series on ABS. i have to say hat its greatness. loved it

W???? T????? F?????

this is total awesomeness looks like something from one o' them adult swim shows.
Graphics: Mostly hand-drawn?!?!?! come on man can you get any awesomer?
Style:Weird and yet kinda funny yet creepy=sweet
sound: no music but the other strange sounds were pretty cool (you might wanna check with the sound guys from salad fingers)
Violence: an evil thing with a bloody brain in his mouth? a screwdriver to the head?
interactivity: A Play button and a replay one you must be CRAZY!-awesomazing
Humor: well it got pretty funny towards the end there you have to admit. YOU ARE |20X0R|\/|4Z1|\|G!! 1337 (editors note: yes the writer did make-up words that had to do with the word "Amazing")
Space( ) Colon(:) Dash(-) Close Paranthesis())= :-) Talkin about my iGeneration!.


This is awesome. make another

Odd and funny

well done. a bit odd but it had a odd sense of humor. i liked it.