Reviews for "Drawn Dream 1"


I was enjoying it until the voice-overs came in. Seemed like you were stuck for ideas on where it would go. Hope the sequels stick to the surreal art a little more.


Well it is short, i dont get the point of the vid. But the ending is FUNNY. I can hardly stop laughing at what the guy says about thinking being difficult. The graphics are okay. Not much sound to criticize except for the dialog which was okay. Decent flash.

loved the series man

I've seen the series on Albino black sheep and glad to see youve made it to the front page of newgrounds!
would love to see more flashes from your crazy mind
p.s. make them insanely epic

I don't think this is that great...

I mean... I'm stoned and I didn't think it was funny at all. Sorry dude. I think its that stupid cut-out face with the moving mouth. I fucking hate those things, but thats just me. Sorry if anyone disagree's but it was not what I expected at all (1/5)


well shit, that was some pretty wierd stuff there...and hand drawn? awesome. and the turtle was so cool, i think my left toe is gone