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Reviews for "Territory WAR"

Good worms clone

Great game.
The grapichs are great, it's good sticks not bad sticks
Ok sound
All the bugs and the bad ai lowers the int, but due to a savefeature it isn't 1
The ai is very funny.
Some bugs:
Granates gets stuck and so the match(if level is reloaded it's stuck, but not the match)
View command messes up if used while aiming
Ai shots at ground with the gun
The ai is also extremly bad when you are higher then it.
You migth want to add a mute option, per aplication soundlevels is not untill windows vista.

Great game

Good game I beat the Chuck by booting him off the rock bridge easy ^_^

good music+good gameplay=great game!

woah! lots of good flash games coming out! this game was great, gave you an 8 on graphics because of the stick figures. sound was an eight because of the ultra-short looping music, you can shut it off but i love music, just wish they were longer. humor is an eight because... well the game was not meant to be humorous, i did like the wade fulp skin tho! some changes i would like to see in a possible sequel: skins in capaign mode, longer music, longer campaign (storyline???), and most of all, I would absolutely LOVE an upgradeable weapons and armor (plasma grenades, machine guns, new melee attacks such as a sword). even without all the stuff i would love to see, you get #5 on my faves, congrats this even passed up murloc RPG!!!


Fantastic gameplay, although with a few glitches, with very nice ideas...
Grenade Challenges are a bit difficult, however, managed to finish it. Shooting was relatively easy, but i think there should be a longer pause between each shot... SPRAYERS....
All 11 missions are great.... Especially the red head guy ;)

Any1 having trouble with Void, play defend not offense :)
Graveyard IS HARD... I got not help in that tho.
The hill is just easy.. again.. Defend your mountian.
Wasteland? Dont bother wt so ever.. just go across and kick them down.

Keep up the good work ;)


Really spiffy game!

My only complaint is that the NPCs aren't really very smart. I'm on level 4 or 5 right now, and I knocked one of em behind a gravestone, he tried to move, but he just kinda walked in place next to it for a second, gave up, and tried to launch a granade and hit himself.

If you could program em to jump over obstacles (I'm sure it's harder than I'm making it sound, though), that'd make it a lot better and more fun, but, besides that, great game! I love it so far, and I'm not even halfway through yet :)