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Reviews for "Territory WAR"

When I was young i played this while my older brother and the rest were playing CS 1.6

My strategy in beating in this game: Grenade spam
Grenade spam is fun. Actually take skills and a bit of luck

Bloody loved this game when I was young. It was my introduction to turn-based artillery games, which also eventually led me to discover the Worms franchise! So I guess Team17 could thank you for that. ;D

*Ai launchs an grenade*
DONT GO OUT DONT GO OUT (because ai launched the grenade so close)
*Grenade explodes*

The music is too loud, and it can't be turned off soon enough.

Also the sound effects are much to loud and I have yet to figure out how to turn them down or off.

Also the A.I. is dumb.

A simple but very fun little game! It kinda reminds me of Worms but doesn't resemble too much. I should be doing homework right now though. 10/10 would replace homework with this again.