Reviews for "Boners Avenger"

best ever!

I love you starberry!!

Starberry responds:

pbot must die

The last reviewer's an idiot.

I just thought I might actually write a review that won't end up being made fun of. Actually, I enjoyed it because it makes a good point. We're all wasting our lives with stupid reviews instead of actually animating. Flashes by Xboxbob11: none. But don't worry I'm thinking about getting flash soon. Keep up the good work!

Starberry responds:

these reviews were not to any of my movies!!!111

You are so right

Alot of stuff gets profain language slugged at it these days, thank you for showing of the sludge that people toss at aspired and aspiring artist these days . I loved the music, and the multi-color trip through the space of trashey reviews was nice.

Starberry responds:

da ucfd

Feckin' A! :D

Graphics : 9 : Really snazzy looking, all the reviews were nicely presented.

Style : 8 : It's a concept that's been done before, but you took a great approach to it. You also used a load more reviews, and it was excellent to see a Cameo of Truffle and the one and only Breadfruit.

Sound : 10 : Loved the music :D

Violence : 0 : No violence, so what?

Interactivity : 2 : Play button, and a seperate play button for the Feature Presentation

Humour : 9 : lmao, some of those reviewers are such idiots. Really funny stab at TITROTU (ginormous faggot) and that Jason Math guy also, who's been causing a terrible stir. :D

Overall, a fabulous flash, fun for the whole family. 5'd and added to faves :D

Starberry responds:

man i made the loader from almost scratch man FUCK IT WAS HARD DIE REXCO DIE!

i actually had more reviews screenshotted than i used but some of them were just TOO GAY!! ya titrotu and jason math are REALLY GAY WOW!! :(

That's pretty good

making fun of stupid reviews was never so much fun to watch

Starberry responds:

punch the keys for god's sake