Reviews for "Full Moon Rising"


Thats some solid sound mate. I thought it was going to be a CCR cover, but this is nothing like Fogerty. Fully sick, cheers mate.

sorohanro responds:

Couldn't make up a title for my track... my usual problem :))
Well, thanx for the review.
Feel free to download and use my sample pack ;)


When u take slow metal and do it right u capture the essence of ass wuppin. This song makes me feel bad ass. When u bring that to the table, u mimic bands the like of Pantera. It makes me want to kill sumone, and yes thats a good thing. :P

sorohanro responds:

If those tracks make you feel like killing someone, please go to Romanian Parliament and I'll make you thousands of tracks like this )))


Very ominous feeling! Sounds like some faster paced funeral doom. And kinda Septic Fleshy. I would have liked to hear some technicality in the guitar but thats just a style preferance I guess. I hope your next submission is a bit longer.


sorohanro responds:

Well, this was just a test of my guitar sample pack which I made for free.
It's just power chords, so that's why you don't hear any "shredding" but later I might make something with real guitar.

Thanx for review.


ho-lee shit. this is the kind of music hollywood plays to let you know that shit got real.

sorohanro responds:

:)) Thanks for review.


This reminds me of a game called Gunz online. The mood just fits perfectly to that rotten matrix-like shooting fantasy world. This is what I'm gonna be producing in future when my studio is filled more. :) Idol!!!

sorohanro responds:

everything (beside the DAW) used here is free. Even the guitars you can download (check my sample packs).