Reviews for "Full Moon Rising"


So epic and evil I think my soul melted!

An overall good mix of levels, the only thing I would say is the guitars are overdriven to the point that they sound a bit gated if that makes sense? but maybe that was the desired effect, reminded me of a kind of nightwish-y guitar sound.

Loved it as always man!

sorohanro responds:

Thanx for review.
The guitars sound a bit gated because of sudden stop. That have to do more with the way I played the samples (it's sampled and played on keyboard).
I will make some track with real guitar (well, that was also real but sampled and then made the part) and you'll see the same distortion how reacts on real guitar playing.


When u take slow metal and do it right u capture the essence of ass wuppin. This song makes me feel bad ass. When u bring that to the table, u mimic bands the like of Pantera. It makes me want to kill sumone, and yes thats a good thing. :P

sorohanro responds:

If those tracks make you feel like killing someone, please go to Romanian Parliament and I'll make you thousands of tracks like this )))


I fell in love with your samples... I can't wait to see your NN-XT pack, as I'm a Reason user. ^^
Great f'n kudos man, I can do Funeral Doom now! You'll be forever remembered and that's a promise XD

Best regards,

sorohanro responds:

Sorry for late reply, been busy.
The NN-XT should wait a bit, I'm having troubles importing 24 bit wav files to Reason... for some reason.
I'll convert them to aif and try again, but I can't promise it will be fast.

freakin' awesome

great job man it's not easy to get a good balance between synths and guitar but you've nailed it :D

sorohanro responds:

MAN !!! you're the author of "The Titty Ditty" !!!
I LOVE it <3

This is sick

It reminds me of Neurological.
Really nice.

The guitar, drums and the choir just... It's...

So beautiful.

sorohanro responds:

Thanx, I'm glad that you like it.