Reviews for "STARBARIANS comic test"

Quite frankly, Sucho, I can't get enough of yours or Harry's work on Starbarians. I mean, it's irreverent, original, funny and has a completely broken moral compass - the last is also a compliment in my book. I'm very demanding with my own work as well and I know well how it feels to be "pleased but not totally satisfied" with something we do. Still, for what's worth, I believe you're doing and amazing job. Keep it up. :D

This is more crisp than Lavender Town is high-pitched, thanks!

Nice comic but I think that's way too deep for Killgar XD. He's more the dumb-warrior style, unlike Hogstrong which has some brains left

This is awesome i'd love to see more of it! probably would progress way faster than animations (as awesome as those always are) great to see more of the starbarians albeit a bit of a teaser

and vvvvv you wish man. you wish.

I think your color job looks great, it captures that weird disco Don Bluth feel that the animations had. Greak work, really hope something comes of this.

sucho responds:

i'm probably at an unfair advantage since i had to color the backgrounds in the cartoons- but man comics are easier with graphic blacks taking up some slack. yeah this was fun