Reviews for "STARBARIANS comic test"

Holy shit , this looks great!
How long does it take to make one page like this one
Also , will there be a full comic some day?

That font... Is that AnimeAce?

I think your color job looks great, it captures that weird disco Don Bluth feel that the animations had. Greak work, really hope something comes of this.

sucho responds:

i'm probably at an unfair advantage since i had to color the backgrounds in the cartoons- but man comics are easier with graphic blacks taking up some slack. yeah this was fun

This is awesome i'd love to see more of it! probably would progress way faster than animations (as awesome as those always are) great to see more of the starbarians albeit a bit of a teaser

and vvvvv you wish man. you wish.

Well , Hogstrong is about to be raped