Reviews for "STARBARIANS comic test"

I would love this to be an actual comic series. I'd definitely buy it.

I want this as a TV series

its as amazing as ever sucho, dont get worked up about it :)

sucho responds:

its the last panel that bugs me. too soft, too gray. i think this taught me never to mix panels with different saturation levels.

amazing art and great detail, also their faces, and their expressions are ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.
i loved how troubled hogstrong was with killgars mentality.
also, the colours were great, i loved the main colours, and the ones that you used for when killgar was ''sinister''.

i know happy harry did the comic, and this sketch, so congrats to him for that,
but your work in the colours was magnificent as well.

please, both of your, do more comics like this.
it will rule.

Amazing! It's a shame there isn't much out of these guys yet. :[

I know it takes a lot of time to create animations of it.. But it's so awesomely animated! But this comic is sweet as pie too! :D

sucho responds:

would love to just get it out there with comics :P