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Reviews for "(PM) - RollBounce"

Something Unique

I'm a Rocker pure and simple i love heavy metal and some technos if they are heavy enough so only industrial usually satisfies me when it's techno but your stuff idk it's just excelent btw it'd be greatly appreciated if you could tell me what program you use to make Your music cuz i'd like to give it a try myself
Just Pm me on my profile if you can if not idk i don't use newgrouds much :P


Great drum beat Epic bass tuning *If there was bass*,And lat, EPIC COTROLLING. You let yourself go on this song. You need t make a song that will make me mpressd too much. Just a suggestion. I bet you can dude. I KNOW YOU CAN. YOUR JUST AWESOME.

I can say, right off the bat, awesome.

I can say, right off the bat, that you have an amazingly grooving beat. I LOVE it!!
I mostly just like it a LOT! its really... just... deep? I don't know why it's awesome, it just is. That's all I can say.

Parkerman1700 responds:

haha thanks! This is a bit straying from my style, so I'm happy that you've found it groovy.

. . .

I would really suggest going back in and re rendering with more head room. This sounds a little bit hyper compressed and there is definitely some clipping in the beginning. End the loudness war! Cheers mate!

- LD -


damn' i love this :D
i'm totally into house, and this one is great man!
keep it on!

btw, can you check out my first dnb project ? :p (still a wip) vote / review ^^