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Reviews for "Metal Gear Messenger"


Wht the fuck is up with you this sucks.... You die now!!!!!!!


this is such a disgrace to mgs....you have ruined my day, i hope you choke

This SUCKS, totally blam-worthy...

... First off, you've done a great dishonor to the MSG franchise with this, EVERYONE knows Snake uses AIM! Not like Sony and MS are in a psx vs. x-box deathmatch for world domination or anything.

The sound was deafning and you have a girly voice. You may need hormone therepy.

You did absolutely nothing with this. Granted, us gamers are the most lazy people our planet has seen in it's 4.7 Billion years... but consider our achievements, saving the world hundreds of time, taking over other worlds, and killing King Koopa 15 times; among other signs of greatness. We deserve more!

Where was I? Oh yeah, an ADHD crack baby makes more sense then this Flash.

pretty terrible

u only copied the picture from the game, did the voices, and just did the mouths moving. realllly plain. and the voices were reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly terrible. i could hear the microphone noises. also u were talking too loud and too quiet at different times. looks like u didn't put taht much work on it. also it's not really original since it was like a mock of Metal Gear Solid. also i had no clue what they were talking about. the thing that only seemed funny was the end when his mouth fell off, lol.

Had so much potential...

What happened? The beginning of the movie was very funny, but towards the end you seemed to go completely off in a new direction, blurting nonsense down a cheap microphone. Why did you do this when the cartoon had a clear sense of direction in the beginning?

You need to repair the latter part of the movie, and it would also be wise to re-record the voices for better quality. MGM had so much potential, and in all honesty, it was ruined by silliness.