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Reviews for "M.A. of Scott and Taylor"


wow this was one of thew best movies in newgrounds iv seen in a while.Awsome job man keep up the great work!!

Very good, new style for you, but very good.

Wow, where to begin. I'm a huge VG fan, I always have been. However i'm very honest about reviews. The sprite graphics were new for you, and you did them wonderfully. although it was a bit pixelated. but thats the point. Your voices went high at one point (O.o) and the sound felt a bit tinny at times. It's not very violent, but launching your self from a cannon was pretty extreme, in a comic sort of way. and i don't like violence anyway. one or two small plot holes. but barely noticeable.
The intercatvity was a bare minimum, but i don't mind. Over all, i give you a 10, for making me laugh so hard i wet myself. Ok not that hard. but it was good.


I really liked your video gamerz episode so expected a lot. And I was right. Although Sometimes the sound doesn't work.


I love This Video It Always Makes Me Laugh So Hard


good one of the best i have ever seen =D
those two are idiots and that makes it funny
also what game are the two sprits from?
good job

P.S please make a number 3 or higher