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Reviews for "M.A. of Scott and Taylor"

This is great!

I do really love the originalish concept of this storyline arc (or is it ark?). It has a lot of promise, though I kinda laugh at seeing a bit of just replacing bits and pieces of Link in there, though it's probably just because of the ears.

I did have issue with the animation noises and the voices. They either sound too quiet, or the music is so loud, you can't hear it. Or the noises that supposed to be comedic, is a bit loud and kinda sounds very annoying at times. I hope it gets fixed in later ones.


GREENDAY!!!! <3 and great flash too.

It made laughter inside me!

Aside from obvious technical issues, I thought it rocked. Great job!


Childish.....terrible voice acting.......storyline for the comedic affect could've been better...
but the animation was good....i guess


LOL! Loved it! Keep up the good work!