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Reviews for "Metal Slug VS S.Meg"


It's not that I hate you, or your submission, but I have a few Q's:

1.What gave you the idea to combine sonic & megaman?

2.Regardless of the idea, WHY did you do it?

3.Why is megaman evil? He is one of my role models.

4.WHY THE BANANA??!?!! I HATE HIM!!!!11111one!!1

Other than that, good one. P.S: I gave the sound a 0 because well, you know.....

cool ending

mega man was a dick
lol he lost because of a dancing banana
cool flash with some good animation

Well , not so good

The animation is good but the story is really boring .

Peanutbutter jelly time

that sums it up

its pretty good

pretty good, except dont really like the graphics.......

lol, like the dancing banana
nice cloud effects 2