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Reviews for "Metal Slug VS S.Meg"


I LOVE your PaintShop skillz I'd like to learn how you do this stuff ALL MY 5 R BELONG TO THIS MOVIE!! I LOVE Custom Sprites lolo.

To much like G.I. JOE

But you did add somethings that made it funny at the end. No more to say.
For now???

Uh? =S

It was to slow.
The metal slug people were moving to slow for me and what they actually move like.
At the end when Marco is fighting Megaman he kicks at air and Megaman runs right into it... =S
Wth is that?
And when hes attacking Megaman, Megaman is gone for like 4 seconds and hes still cutting the air in slow motion...
Other then that it was an alright movie I guess.
The Peanut Butter Jelly time thing was kinda gay though, its almost in every flash movie now.
Be creative =]
You should have made something nobody would have thought of.
A VCR or... toothpaste or something weird like that.

just great

nice movie i liked it but the secret weapon is the peanut butter jelly time banana so it made me laugh

cool ending

mega man was a dick
lol he lost because of a dancing banana
cool flash with some good animation