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Reviews for "Metal Slug VS S.Meg"


i loved dat mon rockin


It started to bore me, so I closed it down, maybe you should put in a better storyline... one that works.


its peanut butter jelly time its peanut butter jelly time now break it down and freese now break it down and freese


Look kid, you have some decent animation skills, but your content sucks. I mean, why is Mega Man evil now? Because his mother had sex with a hedge hog and Dr. Light made the hybrid into a robot?
No. Thats just bad. You need to work on your grammar, the most fun I had watching this was pointing out how bad the sentence structure was. I am certain you can do better than this, so just keep working on it.

double upload? :(

Why did you upload the same flash twice under slightly different names? It's very odd!