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Reviews for "Metal Slug VS S.Meg"

Polak Potrafi :)

You show's that Poland can do good animations :) - can't wait another movies :)

Buzoniasty responds:

Dzieki stary :] Pzdr


i like the dacing banana touch in the end, keep it up


it's fun to see your megaman destroy's every hero serie,but it's always the same so it would be nice if you add something new to it
or finish serie,because it start to bore only seeing megaman fighting against some hero.But I must say you made damn great special effects.



A little slow starting, but saved by two things~ a dancing banana and funny grammar like "Whoever have done this will die!" with the angry face on Mega Man. Yeah. So, ok, but could have been better.

Excuse me, but... WTF?

Did you accidently upload the previous episode of your "MegaMan Adventure"-series???
But then again, in you're author's comment you're saying it's episode 4... but you already submitted episode 4 on 24th of September 2005!!

The movie has a different "Buzon presents"-intro though.

I don't get it.

Anyway I liked you're series nethertheless. 8/10, 4/5
But I don't understand why you submit the same thing twice, or did I miss any hint saying "new and improved"???