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Reviews for "Metal Slug VS S.Meg"

Best one

This is the best mega man in this series. This one has the most action and the best ending. Mega man is a jerk in these. But this one is very good and I hope that there will be more.

Action packed

An action packed metal slug mega man cross over. It looked totally serious, until I saw Marco thow a poke ball. Then the peanut butter jelly time banana comes out. I was really not expecting that. It made me laugh.

holy crap...

That WAS EXACTLY LIKE THE REAL THING!Dude keep up the great work!PLZ make another one!


OMG that was soo boring but I still love Metal Slug :)

Buzoniasty responds:

hehehe man thx OMG :) "soo borin but still love MS" :P

Dude that was not that good

i dont want to see a sequal to this cuase it was preety dumb concept how long did it take you to come up with the idea of Super megaman like less than two minutes and if the next reviewer says "oh dont listen to that guy hes a fag" think about the concept real closely i mean mega man and sonic are cool but dont have mega man be super or someting like that. it just ruins the charcters in general

try harder next time