Reviews for "The Skywalkers"

Nice Job

Like "The Simpsons" meets "Star Wars" Parody. The Test Drive short was good too.


Jesus... or whatever God they worship in the superfuture (the future in which we can't define). You are a very good flash animatore. I love the character designs. I think I have an idea... I have a series I'd like to get known for and I think you can help me. ROCK ON!!

Dude..most exlellent jobb^^..

i have a few question...
1.will there be more?
2.how long time did it take? ^^
3.will we se more other funny themes?...

thanks for a great movie ;)

CirrusEpix responds:

The update took me about 2 months off-and-on. I will be making another film, but not Star Wars related. Sorry.

nice work

simpsons&star wars=awesome,very nice work and idea...

Pretty good!

I liked it, wasn´t really funny but great animation. I was wondering, where did you get that centaurian font? (from the second Artemis Fowl book)