Reviews for "The Skywalkers"

Like many others before me...

... I will ask you to make the Skywalkers episode!

Its excellant. You might put some links in the movie- One site for Simpsons and one for Starwars, then a link to the NG Star Wars collection.

Cool!!!Luved it!

My five is on this dude!!very hilarious!!(the force did not eat my homework)precicely like the real episode (The cat did not eat my homework)lol!

pretty dam good

u shud make a proper episode of the skywalkers, it wud be gr8


Its totaly awesome

Love it!

Seeing that my two favorite things on earth are Star Wars, and Simpsons as well, i loved this Flash. But at the begining it said "The Simpons" instead of "The Skywalkers" What the heck? Overall, it was great!