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Reviews for "HW - Sedative Shapes"

Very nice

I like it
its easy to jam to
and the beat is right there

cool song keep it up

haywirehaywire responds:

thanks mannn

so sedative

smooth real nice...
grats on top 5.

haywirehaywire responds:

thanks bro.

Nice Work!

This is really good. Nice jam, and nicely balanced. If you sung to this beat and release it, you'd make big money man!

Keep up the great work! See you in the Music Biz! xD Lol.

<$#$> J-Mega <$#$>

haywirehaywire responds:

oh hey man, i know you from myspace, thanks a lot for the review.


Sounds like soft house i think more than hip hop, but i can see someone rapping to this. I like it though. I'm not sure how i would suggest to make this better, really it's not top notch hip hop, but still really good. Just doesn't have the entire feel to it, but i still like it. It's nice and relaxing.

The "Real" Music Critic,

haywirehaywire responds:

aight thanks for the review.

Great song

The person below me just made my day. I think the term you're looking for is "gangsta rap".

As always, you fail to disappoint. I listen to many of your songs but never leave reviews. Keep up the good work =)

haywirehaywire responds:

thats good thanks a lot bro!