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Reviews for "HW - Sedative Shapes"

pure win

you sir are by far my new favorite Downtempo/ hip hop artist on Newgrounds.
i apologize for not checking your music sooner ><
amazing work

~Dj Sonik


So I've always been...hesitant to wander into the hiphop section of newgrounds simply because I dread the awesome beats that are overrun by horrible lyrics-there are the very, very, VERY few gems with lyrics. Sometimes I listen and think how wonderful the beats are and wish I could get rid of the obnoxious lyrics.

Sir, every single one of your songs is golden. And I am extremely grateful that you post versions of just the music and separate it from those with lyrics because I LOVE just the music. To me it's more soothing than with lyrics.

Keep this amazing music up!


Sounds of soothing silver, Very Good.

One of my favs

I have heard this song plenty of time but have never reviewed it for some reason. I love it,m as I do practically to all of your songs. This one has a certain special atmosphere to it, however, and it really adds a certain kicking feeling that just spaces me out. The title is trippy, so it matches the song nearly perfectly. The instruments seem to not exist in the background because they are sooo smooth and light. The 3D surround sound is fantastic. I am really floating in this song, ncie job.

Truly... relaxing

I had so much stress that I wasn't sure I could enjoy the music. But this just took all my stress and threw it out the window.

haywirehaywire responds:

glad you like it man.