Reviews for "300 [w/ Vocals]"


Epic metal awesomeness overload. I freakin love it. Somebody PLEASE put some vocals on this!

Jakisdead responds:

Haha thank-you!
Someone please do!

I think this just may be the best thing ever.

Holy Shit. This is gorgeous. This just might be the best song I have ever reviewed, voted on or even listened to. It mixes beautifully. I'm going to listen to your other stuff now. I hope it is as good as this.

Jakisdead responds:

Haha thank-you very much! I'm glad that you like it so much!
I'm afraid that the majority of my work is one or the other, I don't mix them as much as I used to, but there are a few other songs on here.
Thanks again!

Well, i liked it!

try cutting down on the bass during the metal parts, it kills the sound quite a lot.

other the that, quite good!


Jakisdead responds:

Thanks man, I'll work on that. Glad you liked it otherwise!