Reviews for "300 [w/ Vocals]"


Wow this song is really epic!

Jakisdead responds:

Thank-you! Epic is what it should be! :D

Epicly Ownage

This is a perfect harmony of trancelike beats and some kick ass drop tuned guitar bombing. It paints an image in my mind of many different things, each style of music expressed taking me to a new scene in an epic adventure. This song tells a story, a thing that I look for in instrumental songs and very rarely find in them.

Making this even more beast, is the fact that you put up a masterpiece that could have very well been used in a movie, up here for all to listen to. Great work.

Jakisdead responds:

Wow that's a really awesome review!
I feel like I should respond in the same detailed, professional way but I can't think of how to, so I'll just say thank-you very much!

And thank-you for the masterpiece comment, you flatter me! XD


This Was,Well FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!

Jakisdead responds:

Haha thank-you! XD

And thanks for the 10!


Dude, this song blew my mind. Keep up the good work ^^

Jakisdead responds:

Glad I could be of service! XD
Thanks for the 10!


Top work man, very emotional and really quite epic. Would love to hear this recorded once you have your new Pod; or at least another track of this song writing caliber. What synths are you using and what are you doing your programming on? I've rated the track an 8 but only because of the qual, the song is a 9 and a half mate =P


Jakisdead responds:

I'm glad that you found it emotional, I hoped that it would have that effect!
Considering all of the attention this is getting, I'm seriously considering re-recording it now with the new set-up.
At the moment, I'm just using FL Studio 8 (with a few plug-ins) and the synth packages that come wioh Samplitude 14.

Thanks for the review!