Reviews for "300 [w/ Vocals]"

Good, but sound needs some work...

I have to agree with your own words. The sound quality isn't the greatest and it is hard to really get the depth and diversity of the guitar. Nonetheless however, it is still a good song. It definitely has a very pleasant trance to it that almost reminds me of an odyssey in space or something along those lines. I could definitely see this in something science fiction related. The heavy metal guitar riffs are definitely a nice addition to it as well, and am curious as to how this would sound if you were to add some guitar solos to it perhaps? Anyway, good song I do wish though that the quality was a little bit better but like you said I can easily look past it.

Jakisdead responds:

Yeah, I'm afraid that the poor quality's due to NG's 8mb file limit.
Thanks for the compliments, I'm glad you think that it works well, and I shall continue to experiment with it. Once the vocals are added, I'm sure it will sound a little more full.
Please by all means, follow that link to the high-quality version!

Thanks for the constructive review, and the 10!

Goood stuffff

i reallly like this one when it kicks into the badass part your reallly good at doing that mann :P gotta keeep the NG metal aliveee your righttt, sorry for my absence

Jakisdead responds:

Bwaha thank-you! It's an honour!
Yes, keep the Metal alive! NG has a community of amazingly talented Metal artists, it's a shame that most leave..
Thanks for the 10! :D

god like

just amazing, the way you seamlessly combines electronic beats with metal o heavy i felt like there was an elephant sitting on me.

Jakisdead responds:

Thank-you very much!
Bwaha I do like to place elephants on people! XD

Thanks for the 10!


Reminds me a bit of Violent Work of Art and how they integrate electronics into their metal. Very cool combo, well mixed, and I like the subtle electronics in the background of the chorus.

Definitely needs vocals and if done well, I'd give this the 10 instead of a 9!

Jakisdead responds:

Wow I don't know them but I'll have to check it out!
I'm glad you liked it, and yes vocals will come one day!

Gotta Admit..

I mostly check the AP out for the DnB and House tracks, but something told me I should hear out the other genres, and this song ALONE made it worth the risk, gotta admit, it has both my fav genres in one song!

You've got some heavy s**t like blind witness and some chill beats like most trance.

Well constructed and put together 10/10 and dl'd. Keep it going!!

Jakisdead responds:

Thanks man! I'm glad to hear that I made your trip over here worth it! :D