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Reviews for "Special Mission"

Great, but so hard.

For people to really enjoy it, please put in cheats or something. The difficulty means most people dont get to get far in your great remake, and thats a shame. Put in like an easier mode, or one with 99 lives or whatever.


to Idle_Inamorato: this game is, in fact, in chinese rather then korean. both of the languages (writing-wise) looks completely different. EVEN though china is a communist and restricted country, the game is clearly chinese since it's in that language. it's wrong to make assumptions if you don't how both of the languages work (being half korean and canto/chinese myself, I know both of them well).

anyways...this game is really addictive, even though it's hard to understand the controls and it takes time to get use to it. but the graphics are amazing and I hope (although I doubt it) that it would have a english version to it ;D


i had so much fun! that was soo cool!! i love metal slug but, man that kicked it's ass! one of the best games ever, awesome.

very nice

Just like the original, can someone say game designer!

Fucking impossible on hard mode!

But great other than that!