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Reviews for "Special Mission"


this goes into the 1st spot on my favs. there hasnt been a game on newgrounds ever that was this good. good job! 10-10 and 5-5


That was great! THe music is fitting and the levles are awsome! just switch the controls so w is jump so its beter


Great game, but too less lives! and for those who think controls are hard : pick the most bottom button at start to gain acess to controls menu, there press the keys that you want to use (first is for looking up, second is for ducking, this is for moving left, fourth is for moving right, sixth is for shooting, seventh is vot jumping and eighth is for throwing grenade) and then press bottom left button to accept them, press right on to reset controls. HAPPY PLAYING

Don't listen to these idiots

The retard that commented before me obviously didn't read the notice. IT'S NOT STOLEN YOU RETARD THE STAFF EVEN SAID SO! Ugh...I paid attention more than you and that's REALLY sad. Awesome game though, dude. I may suck at it, but it still rocks my world. SOOOOO ADDICTIVE!


metal slug rules and you just made it better! great game! and if you all start to complain about not having enough lives than you obviously havent played metal slug your self. great job guys!