Reviews for "Special Mission"

awsome game!

Previous reviewer, SCREW YOU!!! I went to colledge, so i understant what it says!! Fuck you, this game rocks, dont give it bad reviews cuz ur stupid and cant read it


would be better if a non-japanese version was available, it gets confusing having to click buttons even though you have no idea what they are, but other than that an incredible game :D


This was seriously one of the best games i have ever played on this site. I would say this definitely ranks up there with the top 10 games that have ever been submitted to Newgrounds. I just love it when i play or watch any submission whether its a game or a movie can do just about everything perfectly, or at least do everything with minimal mistakes that done take away too much from the final product. The score it has right now is what it should be like, very high. Ive never actually played Metal Slug before but this could be a reason to start. Here is my review.

The graphics, to start off, were fantastic. They were certainly different that the style of visuals i usually see in games on this site. I guess you could call it a "sprite" game because of the characters and everything going on the battlefield or the part we are playing on. Then the backgrounds appeared quite different from everything in the front. But all of this really made for a very cool set of visuals. The drawings, or in this case, the characters, upgrades and vehicles were very good. I think they all fit the game, whether it was for humour purposes or not. The animation and the way everything moved was very smooth, and made for some really intense action at some points. The backgrounds just looked great and really fit the action on screen. They were a bit blurry but that didnt really matter if you were playing the game and wasnt paying close attention to everything. The style also deserves a 10 in my opinion for a number of reasons. The animation style to the game wasnt really "animation" at all, but it fit it extremely well and it was different. But what made all the different here was the gameplay. It is the best side scrolling shooter of any kind that i can remember. This method was very successful thanks to the smooth controls, the fast paced action and the satisfaction of destroying anything or killing anyone even if they did only take one shot. Its cool how you sort of took the idea of the Metal Slug series, changed it around, and made it an online version of the game. It was just very cool and interesting how you did this so successfully, because often when people try this type of thing their products come out fairly dull. Other than the side aspects such as Violence, Interactivity and humour in this case the sound had to be the weakest not to say it was bad. In fact, it was great. But the quality of a few sound effects werent quite as good as they could be. For example, when any of the enemies die, their screams are a little loud and distorted, and the missles that you could use are sort of the same thing. Other than that i didnt have any problems, the rest of the sound effects were good, and the music playing constantly really gave it that "war" feel that was so key in making the game go way beyond my expectations.

Overall this was an amazing game with little or no flaws, depending on how you look at it. After i played it my first 2 times i was completely convinced this was something i would love to review and that it was going into my favourites. Its a shame that it didnt win any Daily awards or anything because it was accused of being stolen, but we can clearly see the score was there to win those awards. Anyways awesome job!
-Standing Ovation! 5/5


this game is freaking awsome once u get the hang of it you can go through the whole thing without ever dieing and masacuring everything that moves OMG THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!


its soo addicting and it reminds me of metal slug games i used to play when i was a kid!! I LOVE IT!!!