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Reviews for "Special Mission"

Amazing game.

The graphics are amazing and the gameplay is as good as Metal Slug, this is one of the best flash games i've played! The only problem is you only get 3 lives and there are no checkpoints >.< and shooting those fish takes ages.

Unbelievabe, just unbelievable

You have some amazing flash skill, but that's not too surprising considering you're Japanese, lol. But back to the point, unbelievable animtion, incredibally stylish, crazy sound effacts, and perfect controls. This may just be the best game on newgrounds. There are only a few problems. The first, it's way too hard to beat. Even on easy I sometimes can't get half way through the level. When I do on lucky occasions get to the last boss, He is unbelievably cheap, especially with only three lives, it seems almost impossible? I mean come on, I REALLY WANNA PLAY AS THAT HOT GIRL ERICA!!! Still, my favorite game on newgrounds, this is even better than Alien Hominid(sorry Tom).


Wow nicely done

I really like this one.. i've played every metal slug there is and this is one hell of a conversion.... i still like the old metal slug better though, but i guess i'm gettin old :D

Good job!! *virtual handshake*


Best Remake Ever! BUT I CAN'T BEAT THE 1st LEVEL!!!!! A!H!!! STUPID GORILLA ROBOT!!!!!

Very Nice!!

No words... Incredible what flash ca do... :o