Reviews for "Special Mission"

to the dude under me

nice review ASSHOLE -.-


Ok, I got owned again...
One more try before I quit.
Aww, rats. I know I can do better than that! One more try!
Damn, so close! One more try!
RRRGH! died too quickly. That doesn't count.
Ok, I think I got the hang of it... *died* Rats! Oh well, once more!

...and so on. ^.^

Good Game

Great animation and great environment. The controls are confusing at first, but you get used to it. I hate the fact that it's written in Japanese (or Korean, Chinese, etc., I'm not being racist). No lag, no bugs, but you move around too fast and it makes dodging bullets near impossible.

It was a cool game. I give this a 9.


nice game...but always confused with jump

its good

i used to play the classic metal slugs THEY were fun this may have better graphics but i dont like the weird controls