Reviews for "Special Mission"

I Loved This Game Series When I Were A Child.Lol

Contrary to a previous review the game DOES offer completely customizability to the keys, (done by punching in a different key on the third button down, in order that you'd like. I Use input' upkey, downkey,leftkey,rightkey, A,S,D) other than lacking a mouse option (Which it does not need) this game is great. First time i've played this version of it though, I have an old saved version in which you can only play leo that was posted on a chan's /f/ board. Glad to see it got finished. 10/5

it sucks there is no option to control with mouse+wasd other than that it looks good

Aftr playing it for a walii I fagjoor out how to raed weat it saas

Controls seem to get stuck even though quality was lowered and......it just doesnt seem close to being as good as metal slug.