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Reviews for "Special Mission"

I have been playing this game since I was around 7 years old and it never gets old to kick that monkey's ass at the end every time!

The level and enemy designs are really cool, hard mode is actually impossible or maybe I'm just not good enough

It was great to see a remake of such a classic game. Well, I don't know as I haven't played the original game. It's been referenced so many times I know a lot about it. What was with the Japanese words? I wish there could have been an English translation.

I still like the graphics. I was always confused as to why shooting the hostages freed them. The explosions were great. I thought it wasn't that hard. Well, the helicopters are pretty bad.

This game is fun and cool, but WAY too hard. You have only 80 seconds time to finish a level that is very long and has many annoying parts, and also, you only have 3 LIVES! I know Super Mario Bros had the same thing,but still.
And also, why is the language Asian? The description and name of the game is English, but the game itself is in another language. How can this be possible?
Anyways, very nice game, considering it was made in 2006. It has its upps and downs.
Great job! ;)

I Loved This Game Series When I Were A Child.Lol