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Reviews for "Special Mission"

.......what more can i say......

i played the other version but this looks better for some reson n a lot faster

lol look at that man dying!

I have to say,that was the best metal slug flash i have ever played,it was smooth and everything just like the proper metal slug games which i spent all my money on......ah those were the good times........anyway the controls and everything was great,just the way i like it but the little prob was it was in a diferent language apart from that 5/5 buddy!

Let me Just say..thank you!

Hello fellow Metal Slugger! I too am a HUGE Fan of the Game series. I'm a proud member to Metal Slug Database's forum and I like to say this is truely the greatest recreation of the game itself. Its got everything I love about the game..well besides the vehicles but I only got up to the gient mechanical ape before I deicided to review this. For the last couple of year I've seen Many Metal Slug flash movies and to be frankly honest...they all are terrible. But thos flash game go way above them in everything. You made a succesfull metal slug clone and its just like playing the arcade game itself. I coulden't be anymore happy now that it is on NewGrounds. I also liked that you used the actual sounds and you made somethings better in this one that the normal game dosen't.
People listen to me, if you want to play Metal Slug and your not all into emulators and rom and shit I suggest you play this. This game is the closest you will get to Metal Slug.
All in all I hope that you continue to make this and hope to see a sequil sometime soon.

-Spitfiya MSDB Forum

This game rocks, im dead serious

Hey, I played this game before. I can translate it for you.

On the main page, the second button from the top takes you to the page where you can view the controls/ play the game. The second button on the main page allows you to change controls. Bottom of that page, left button= change controls, right button= change back to original controls.

Second page, the one that teaches you the controls, the bottom right button takes you to difficulty selection. On that page, top is easy and bottom is hard. Middle is medium difficulty. Then, is the charater select page.

Well, that's it, i think.

Top of the list on the sidescrolling shooters here

It may be a metal slug ripoff, but it's a damn good metal slug ripoff! Responsive control, excellent visuals, wonderful sound quality, and there isn't any choppiness! A little annoying, the directions being in a foreign language, but it's not so bad once you learn what's what! a perfect 10 in my opinion, may there be another one!