Reviews for "Popcorn Remix!"


i cant even think of any words to describes how this P*WNS all the other crap out there

nice job

The best Popcorn remix.

In my opinion, this is the best Popcorn remix. I like it better than the original Popcorn remix by Hot Butter.

I hope to see more good stuff from you!

Great remix.

It was awsome, and I'll admit it as much as I want. Great for techno lovers, and great overall. Not much critisism involved here... although I will say I've heard slightly better songs, but this one is still great.

freaking love it

terrific jamming music they should play it in clubs.

Truly, Truly amazing.

Possibly the greatest thing to have ever touched my ears, I have never been so enthralled by something this amazing, the beats, the tunes, the melody, absolutely everything about this is simply breathtaking, the greatest thing to ever hit the audio portal.

I'd give you a 10 if you'd thought up the popcorn melody originally, but other then that, Absolutely amazing!