Reviews for "Popcorn Remix!"


Cyberdevil raises a good point. What band made the original popcorn? I remember going into a rest-stop and seeing a pop corn vending machine playing the original popcorn song (lol popcorn) any way this is a fantastic remake of the original, or the remake of the original, or the remake of the remake of the original, or etc.... Popcorn. If you make a sequel to this song (add a little bass) let me know. A 10 out of 10




I never was too fond of crazy frog(for obvious reasons), but I do love the songs that were used in the videos, such as Popcorn. Since Popcorn is such a popular mix, its a wonder Ive heard so many remixes. This is awesome, but theres that EON remix thats got everybody by the reins. Still, great work, and I bet this wasnt easy.

Great job, and keep up the good work!

5/5 10/10

this is pure awesomeness

This is awesome i wish i could be as good as you someday


Wow thats GREAT!