Reviews for "Popcorn Remix!"

This song..

I have this song.... i cant even copy it to my computer! How you get the song on your computer?!
I just have the disc. both new n old discs.

i luv it

i luv the build up then it stops and suddenly it goes all loud and a bit faster but u couldve made it a bit faster but i luv it all the same


i heard it the day it came out, i put on my mp3 player, ive listened to it everyday for 2,almost 3 years, yeah, i love it


I also don't know what the original was ;) this is a very good song. it kinda makes me think about the past... don't know why...

Keep up the Good Work :D

absolutley wonderfull

i have heard the original made in 1969 and a few others as it progressed. I have to say this is way better then the original and that you i believe have mastered POPCORN... XD