Reviews for "Popcorn Remix!"


And I thought the original was good, this beats it!!! Omg dude, instant classic!

Originality 2, 'cuz Popcorn is a very well known song, but that doesn't matter here =)


Just one problem.When i save it it gets an error.I use Opera but i cant save it and it says its corrupted.Help me if u can pls.

Anyways I love this.Its soo good.Will you allow me to save it into my PSP??

nice remix

its nice and happy and also very original bringing in a lot of new sound to an already popular track. keep it up brother.


I had to bitch slap my mate cause he said that this sucks, "Dude this sucks *BITCH SLAP!!!* OWW DAMN IT!!!" the best 2.5 mins of my life so far.

The best song on newgrounds!

I actually cried at the epicness and flawlessness of this epic song of epic proportions of epic epicness.