Reviews for "Popcorn Remix!"

\Very Good!

Great remix, haven't heard this song in a while, could you tell me the original artist please VIA pming because i wanna get this song XD


this made me remember PE way back in elementary school. awesome job, i really like what you did with it.



This the best song on ng by far you killed everyonw on this one man this is the best song ever ever ever played Like wow and i have herd liek alot of music probally 2,00 differnt songs and this one kills them by far how do you do it man... I m gonna make a pop corn remixz to man like wow you totally raped this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



This is THE best Popcorn Remix i have ever heard on NG. Make more remixes of some other famous songs. Ill be sure to hear it! :D

Good Work

When it comes to trance I tend to like the newer stuff, stuff like Sensorica. However, its good to get back to the roots every now and again. The synths were very well exectued in this track, good work there. The percussion was a tad basic though. Throw in some variety with a wider array or percussion. Shakers, woodblocks, wierd noises, anything can work even going to town on a hat sample. That said though the production quality was very good. Melodically it was so so. IMHO it got boring as it boils down to the same 4 bars over and over again with little in the way to provide new direction. Though you are limited to the source material so I won't hold it against you. In all its a good track. Not great but not bad.